Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh Snap ! ISM Dhanbad ! !

Yesterday i was in Hexagon (the food court of NIT Rourkela !) at around 7 PM with some of my friends. And you know ISM Dhanbad has pasted over there a big poster publicizing their annual technical festival of Department of Mining Engineering. My techie friends need no introduction of this Mining Bison. And also if I explain my non techies about what is ISM Dhanbad on this blog then it will be a big question mark on the repute of that institute. This institute has been ranked as the Number 1 institute of mining Engineering in Asia and second only to Stanford University in the world. And also there is a lot more to know about this if you go for wikipedia search.

Coming back to that poster, yes there was an invitation for presenting a paper at ISM Dhanbad during this "RADIANCE 2K10". But unfortunately it is scheduled from 15th to 17th January. And on 16th Jan our institute is having its convocation and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will be the chief guest and I dont want to miss this opportunity to listen to his words. Even then I thought whats wrong if i just send an abstract Let's see whether its selected or not ?

Last october i had presented a paper at IIT Kharagpur so i had an abstract ready for this. I mailed the same abstract to ISMU Dhanbad ( It's Indian School of Mines University). Fortunately it got selected within 24 hours. And they asked me to fill up the form for accomodation. When I opened the hospitality page of their website see what i found. They were giving us the accomodation but the last line said : "The team of Great Step or IIT Kharagpur shall not be responsible for theft or loss of participants belongings" (IIT Kharagpur is being responsible for the event at ISM. ha ha ha... :) :) :) ) Have a look on that web page ( for the first time i have used the prnt scrn button of my lappy):
Click on these pics to get a better zoomed view.

Also have a look on the chain of mails right from the abstract sending till i urged them to rectify this blunder. I was expecting a reply from them after they change it but no they didn't so it beacme one of the reasons of this blog.

"कहते हैं ना नक़ल में भी अक्ल चाहिए होती है "

I would have given you the link but no they rectified it within 15 mins. I did inform some of my friends studying in ISM who were online at that instant to inform this to the TEAM RADIANCE. So it took no time for them.

ISM ! This was not expected from your institute.. !!!

P.S : My friends at ISM , I'm sorry to you especially Pankaj and Ganapati.
Thanks Ganapati that you informed them immediately after I pointed out this to you.


Ashesh Raghav said...

Hey its a chk ! some of d bloggers pointed that comments are not being published in dis template. Its just a chk.!

आशीष अंकुर said...

congrats!! ur abstract got selected for the paper presentation.
I think such blunder wasn't expected from ISMU.
I went through the website though it wasn't maintained by ISM students it is being looked up by some private body.
Still it is not a good sign for such prestigious institute.

Ashesh Raghav said...

Who cares for who maintains the website ? ISM is no less than any IIT. They shouldn't even think of copying this stuff from any IIT. Moreover what they were copying was the simple instructions for the accomodation of the participants at ISM during their annual technical festival. Whack for "TEAM RADIANCE" and so for their institute. Moreover they will be coming to our institute for their promotion i'm sure. Lets see what face they show after this blunder !!

108rahulr.me034 said...


108rahulr.me034 said...

Hey its a chk ! some of d bloggers pointed that comments are not being replied by dis blogger. Its just a chk.!

Ashesh Raghav said...

lol !!
Really Rahul i m sry for not replying to your comments in those posts. May be because of a reason or another. BTW make sure we get the convocation pass for sure as i m not going to ISM just to listen to him. And yea we have got a very nice techfest website. Kudos to technical team NIT Rourkela. They are working very hard for this.

Hav a chk:

Arindum said...

Aisa bhi Hota hai???

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