Monday, January 4, 2010

^ Mine the Business Administration ^

No astonishments !! No Surprises !!

Its not a conclusion of just one day. In fact its a cumulative result of the one month trauma given to me during my industrial training. Added to this is the greed of lustrous MBA career that has mined this blog from my heart.
Its not that I’m discouraging my fellow batch mates here in Mining Engineering. But being my self a mining engineering student I have got full liberty to criticise Mining. Friends I assure you that I won’t be biased in making the comparison and if you find some anomaly anywhere down from here , the comment section awaits your fervent comment.

So, Lets play the game,

You will start early at 21 or 22 and so you will be at a more reputed ( when I say repute, its social repute not monetary repute) place at the instant when an MBA grad will just start.

You will have your job secured as most of the Mining companies are in Public Sector both in India and abroad. (Engineers for Indian PSU’s are like their son in laws, they will die but can’t throw you out.)

You will be having an option to switch your career to almost any field of your choice at any point of time if you are an MBA grad.

You will be forced to work in remotest possible region if you are an Mining Engineer unless you are that lucky to be the 1 billionth child of India. (I myself had to travel 15 kms to Jamshedpur when I was in Narwapahar Uranium Mine Township to get a CCD for a coffee and believe me we all travelled 250 kms to Kolkata to get a ‘(K)entucky (F)ried (C)hicken’ for chicken burger .)

You will have to study even after you get a reputed job as a Mining Engineer as you will be asked to compete for the FIRST CLASS MINE MANAGER’s CERTIFICATE and before that you will be required to qualify the LAMP HANDLING CERTIFICATE too. So, GPA will be running behind to kill you there also.

As a Mining Engineer you will be paid with a very high salary as you will be in very high demand as total number of Mining Engineers passing out every year from colleges of good repute is merely 230. (2,50,000 software engineers pass out every year in our country)

If you work in a PSU you will be credited for your contacts in top offices not for the work you do. (Its a harsh reality). And if you go for any private sector company in Mining they will pay you in scraps.

Every Mining Engineer has to deal directly with the fourth grade employees which means a gradual downfall in your personality. You will have to shout at them as they are generally mulish and refrain doing any task assigned to them.

Mining Engineers and their families are generally deprived of literally and culturally high environment. Their world becomes confined to their township and they won’t have much topics to discuss. They have very limited social life as most of the townships are located far from the cities.

Mining Engineers are very prone to health hazards like pneumoconiosis and leukaemia arising out of inhalation of coal dusts in case of coal mining and due to radioactivity of Uranium in case of Uranium Mining.

Moreover if you are a mining engineer you will have to continue with that till you say good bye. The best thing you can do is to enter the R&D or be a professor or enter any mining consultancy but be sure you won’t be able to quit Mining field completely.

If you want to go for higher studies and you plan to get admitted into some international university ,then you will have to go for Geology and Earth Sciences.(Although the competition for Mining Engineers is easier as compared to other branches of Engineering).

And the last and the foremost thing for we bachelors that Mining Engineers are not made for Girls. GIRLS and MINING ENGINEERS are like ‘oasis’ and the ‘iceberg’.

P.S: All the views about Mining has been compiled after author’s personal stay in a township of Uranium Mine at Narwapahar, Jamshedpur for a month.


Ankur said...

sahi ashesh....nice creativity....MINIG and MBA depends on situation ha??.....chal sahi hai tu minig ke bhi maje le rha hai aur mba ke bhi le lega.....all tha best!

Bitanshu said...

saale ye sab aise sabke samne nai likha andar ki baat hai.......hume to ye dikhana hai ki hum to 13.8 le ke mast rehne wale hai,aisa likh .......samjha?

आशीष अंकुर said...

raghav tu mining ka C.R. hai, agar tu mining ko itna criticise karega... to baki class ka kya hoga?

By the way, the blog contains a very nice post-motem of mining career...

aniket said...

it seems to me that ashesh has gone through a tough time at his has given us a peek through the mining career but i would like to suggest that running away from a career(work) just because of its hazards is not is not right thinking.BUT MBA IS A VERY LUCRATIVE OPTION FOR ABY ENGINEER IF ASHESH WANTS TO BE AN MBA GRAD,THEN I WISH HIM BEST OF LUCK

aniket said...

i completely respect his decision and hope he succeeds in his aim.

gladiator!!! said...

your article truly depicts the time we had there. but let me tell you that"kamal kichar me hi khilte hai" and moreover if u do an MBA but not from a very good B-school(don't take it otherwise) then you have to face the same mining envt even after you are an MBA grad.
regarding the health of mining engg.
I don't think after working in a uranium mine for a month and knowing about the detail of safe radioactivity limit and the prevailing limit in the mine u should have pointed that out.........ya but i don't know about coal mine as i had not been there for many a times.

Regarding the career if u are in core sector then u are always in demand as you have pointed that 230 mining engg compared to 250,000 software engg so obviously u will be in demand and regarding navigating from mining R&D is there , consultancy as you had pointed is there and moreover u can enter into the regulating bodies like DGMS and IBM(Indian Bureau of mines) then U will have both the power and prestige. needless to tell u abt the power of DGMS official as we had already seen in the mine, in consultancy one get paid just for his experience in mining field and u dont have to deal with the level 4 peoples then .....
I think both the fields i.e. MINING and MBA are lucrative equally it just depends on the interest of individuals that which fiels he wants to get in..........
abt the girls after reading 2 states do u still think so.............
any way this was my opinion .........Best of luck with ur MBA....wish that u come up with flying colours in field of MBA too.......

Anonymous said...

ok buddy .. it seems that you are hell bent upon criticizing you course(you may very well be justified) but the thing is that an MBA is not a ticket to something awesome ... it is a ticket to a ridiculously high salary but money is important onky to an extent ... trust me when i say this that you should find the right reasons for doing an MBA

Ashesh Raghav said...

Hey frnd , it seems to be yet another blog ! :)
kidding bro..!
yet it seems that u have a deep insight into the mining career. Keep it safe for me for some instances..!

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