Saturday, January 2, 2010

The "6.88" ! !

6.88 and a steep fall of 0.33 in my Cumulative Grade Point Average this semester. GPA of 7.67 means, I am no longer eligible to hold an Honours certificate.
Before I commence , I wish

Happy New Year to all of you.!!

May this New Year brings success and fun to all of you.

With this post I will no longer sugar-coat my posts and no longer will I deliberately try to make a post just for the sake of making a post. I will be much straight forward now onwards, may be in the process it may hurt someone. But I can’t help it. You have to take it that way because I will be presenting my sole thoughts. And if I don’t, that means I am a fake portrait. So, better let the world get acquainted with reality. It has been since long that I decided to be this way. Its neither a post break – up consequence nor a New year resolution; although both makes a sense here !

I had been in a traumatic one month of my life which my friend Maharshi had already blogged very nicely. To go to his blog Click here. He had shared that bitter experience along with me.

Some of the very nice snaps that he clicked over there are featured here. Have a look on them. Don't get confused by the dates on the snaps we forgot to set the correct date on the cam. All the pics have been taken in the month of december in and around Narwapahar (Jamshedpur, Jharkhand)

Kudos ! to his photography skills ! !

Now I have concluded of what I will be opting to go for after my engineering. I will go for an MBA. May be this came at a wrong time because right now I’m “The 6.88 guy” and I require a semester to prove myself. I have never gone for mugging a content just for the sake of a good GPA but probably this time I will have to mend my ideology and will have to walk with class - notes in the hostel corridor on examination times.

It has been just two days that I’m back from my hellish Industrial training which fully motivated me for MBA and I was fully determined to begin my CAT preparation right from the day 1 but alas ! I was given my grade sheet and I require to pay attention to my engineering career and GPA at least for coming one semester. Once I rectify the loss of this semester I will go for my CAT preparation for sure probably from 5th sem.


aniket said...

yar ashesh ek cheez suggest karta hun tum nature photographer banjao mast photos li hain yar.
Cat ke bare mein seriously decide kiya hai to best of luck for ur preprations.
tattoes ka craze ladkion mein kya ladkon mein bhi utna hi famous hai.
"karm kar aur fhal ki chinta mat kar"

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ aniket
abe ye pics mozzie ne li thi ek do hi maine li thi , likha to hai wahan pe...
aur haan above it all thanx for your 'GEETA UPADESH'. karm mein lag gaya hun.... shayad fal bhi mil jaye... !!!

Ankur said...

bhai honors ki ummid mat chod, yad hai na apni is sem ki deal....waise kya hum apna wada pura kar payenge??

gladiator!!! said...

it was really a horrible experience but the days went so swiftly just bcoz 2 of u were with me otherwise the lonliness would have reached more height if any of us would have gone there alone....
thanks for being by the side of both me and mozzie and best of luck for ur CAT studies as well as for ur 4th sem.
regarding the tattoos if someone wants to get hurt wat we can do.... if some one things that doing this foolish thing is a style statement then let it be who cares ...atleast i dont care abt this bcoz here are many more imp thing to be looked upon

आशीष अंकुर said...

first of all happy new year
and 1 more thing,
thanks raghav,
i today only came to know what is the criteria for an honors degree.
by the way, i think you are not lagging much in getting an honors degree, still 5 sems are left.
bas 1 suggestion hai,
aage se kisi ssem me cryogenics jaisa open elective mat lena... :)

Ashesh Raghav said...

thanx bro..! i still remember the deal. Bas ab kaam mein lag jana hai..!

Ashesh Raghav said...

Thanx buddy !
yar it was rather u that we could complete our training report..lest it wz impossible. Credit goes to u indeed. Anyway it was all a fun like camping in a place very close to nature amidst the forest and only three guys in them... ha ha ha
unforgettable really !!


Ashesh Raghav said...

@ashish ankur
yaar tujhe pata hai is baar mujhe elective mila hai "Entrepreneurship" . This course is also offered by Mechanical Engineering department; God knows who'll take the lectures !! sab ram bharose !!

VIVEK said...

grt work done ashesh...
best of luck..4 ur mba prprtion

Azad said...

Nice to see you come in a combative mode!
I dont know a lot abt GPA's, but i know u, and i know u will easily bounce back! Dnt worry!

And yes, even i cud never understand d philosophy behind getting tattoos! BTW, how u know d girl? Is this 'Magali', whose pictures u hv posted??

Ashesh Raghav said...

Thanx for u encouraged me. And about this GPA, this GPA traps only the engineers. Better dont mess in this. It is troublesome.

And yes regarding these pics, i too don't remember the name of the girl but yea i got it from her blog. I was going thru that. You know this girl can die for her tattoo. May be in a day or two i'll give the link of her blog to u. Its interesting to see how this girl is addicted towards tattoos.

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