Sunday, January 31, 2010

Federer , I'm Sorry !

Don't you get fed up watching the same person being the numero uno ! Uh!! I should not use these words I know my readers don't have patience, so I must stick as simple as I can. They can't bear more than 3-4 un-understood words before they quit.

Do you Remember the day when Serena Williams climbed to the number 1 spot, I have stopped watching women singles from that very day(these black beauties can suck interest out of any straight oriented guy !! but then yes it strikes me that Naomi Campbell too has her fans !! ). Eventually I switched to men singles, and there I got confronted with Federer , the other demon who has a record 237 weeks at number one spot. I repeat, it is 237 weeks not days. Isn't these the heights ?

Serena sucked with her ferocious looks then Federer was there to compliment her with his untampered winning streak.
What I am saying is, Did you really wish Federer to win one more Grand Slam when he had already a bunch of 15 in his hand before this ? you know I, personally favoured Rafael whose I am a big fan too to win this Australian open but he couldn't. But I'm more disappointed because Federer did. For me the loss of Nadal to Murray didnt hurt as much as the loss of Murray to Federer did. Why doesn't he quit and let the youngsters come in ?

Similarly in cricket also you can virtually see Jayasurya addressing "son" to some of his team mates on the field. Shouldn't he quit ? After all he is 40 and is still sharing the dressing room with chunks of 20 ! What the fuck !!

This 16th grand slam may be a day to celebrate for Mirka Federer but for the remaining 6 billion enthusiasts it worked to betray the spirit of the game. It soothes more when an emerging superstar defeats the existing superstar. Every one including me wished to see Andy winning the grand slam. (After all Federer should have atleast seen the frustration of Murray, It has been 74 years since a grand slam did not reach England).

One of my friends has very finely blogged his similar thoughts in his blog citing a very good example. Don't you favor England in the Ashes ?? Why ? ? Isn't it because Aussies have fed up the cricket fans with their winning habit ? Check out his full post by clicking here.

Friends Just think over it, Weren't you charmed when Rafael defeated Federer in the Australian Open final 2009. It wasn't merely a defeat for Federer rather it was a blot on his career. Federer could not even walk to the dias out of shame. It was Rafael who accompanied to the dias with him in his arms. It was a wonderful moment for each of the Nadal fans. Rafael had become the sporty guy in all the Melbourne atleast for that very moment. And I really loved it.

Federer , just in one word I want to say , "Quit".

Let the emerging stars gain their flow, and after all let the spirit of this game be alive in the fans like me.

I love this game but I don't love you !!

(yes, But I love your nation and will tour it for sure if somebody finances!!!)

And I loved Mirka too !!


aniket said...

this thinking is completely wrong lossing to a great in game in a match be it cricket,tennis chess,swimming etc is not less then a win it is much sufficient that one gave a good fight in the match.
youngsters grow up watching the greats of the player win the game.
they will never want that he or she should quit just to give in a place to a youngters.
jayasuria is still one of the most feared batsman in the world of cricket,no yougster can take his place in the team and perform the sam way as jayasuria does.


what the f**k ur talking... i dont agree that any body should quit his passion jus to let the young chap to come in despite of this that he or she is a legend and also displaying his ossome work on the field these players act as xeotherm to their respective games as sachin in cricket federer to tennis...and ya i also hav one more point that i dont agree that any one playn at da pinnacle of da sport should get that opportunity by fighting and earning it rather than having it delieverd to him in a platter...

aniket said...

the greatest players in the game are to make record be it sachin aur roger fedrer they have worked hard very hard and now they have reached such heights that no one can easily achieve.

so we should not say that they should themselevs step down to make way to others

babu said...

According to you Sachin, Schumacher, Vishwanathan Anand and many more sportsmen have bored the world for years and blocked the chances for new comers. But when they entered their fields they have also fought hard to replace the best at that times.Federer kicked all time best pete Sampras ( 14 grand slam titles) to acquire the throne.Even Nadal admits that losing a game to someone like Federer gives more satisfaction than winning over others. Great men like Nadal beleive in snatching not getting a cup in mercy.
Your blog was on sports but lacked the sportsman spirit.

Bitanshu said...

dude.....very well written....and for all those "sportsmanship" spirit's something for u all
the big busted Simona Halep, ranked 317th, was given the cente stage during wimbledon while the no.1 serena williams was playing in some court no. 14.......howz that.....
and for all those intelligents, sachin is our pride....why shud we tell him to quit??? the swiss will never say that to fedex.....
and yes fedrerer kicked out an old and worn out sampras
and btw, federer was himself thinking of quitting last year when nadal was dominating the circuit........we dnt have any problem with federer.....all we want is some change.....

aniket said...

my dear frnds i seems that giving a center stage to a 317th seeded player has raised the quality of that player.
serena can play at any court may it be center stage or court 14 she will produce the same magic she does any where.

108rahulr.me034 said...

enjoy the stars shine upto their brightest and gradually fade away making way for the next generation.get the best out of them.

aniket said...

He's probably the most talented person to ever carry a racquet around—the shots that he can come up with, the way he's kind of become a totally complete player. But I think off the court, it's huge. There have been a lot of good champions, but he's just classy. He is never high and mighty in the locker room or anything like that."[42]
—Andy Roddick in 2005
through this statement we can guess that what place he has in the minds of his fellow players.
this statement truly reflects the sportsmanship of andy rodddick

Bitanshu said...

dude she sure has the quality in.....34DD......n btw do u follow women's tennis to watch serena's magic???

babu said...

( this my final comment... i m not njoying at all)

The only dude who has clapped on ur thoghts has reduced the level of conversation to least possible limit.
If Nadal is really the best one then why u r expecting pity from Federer for a title.
like Sachin is ur pride Federer is also the pride of the world, Y then u want him to quit just because someone incapable or simply downtrodden by Federer for years should win a mere title.
Listen u all blogists.....I am not talking about Federer only ...I am talking on the part of every giant of every field .......... plzzz respect those who have raised the game to such heights that while seeing it the whole world swings.

I think my words can be understood by only sportsmen ....

aniket said...

i don't think my frnds has understood a word what i was trying to say watching tennis doesn't mean to watch some babe playing tennis.
according to u playboy girls should then start playing sports, if u want to watch 34dd busty babes.

according to you the greatest players in the game should bring down the level of their game.
so that some one else can defeat them.
stop personally targeting people on the blog.
just express ur feelings.

krishna said...

i'm sure that "THE CRY BABY " will be crying again when NADAL comes back to defeat him...............

weethy said...

hey........I do agree with your toughts....and some how even I feel the same.But this is beyond our flights of imagination to "why should I quit when I am still unbeatable???".This is where the whole idea remains and they will surely be retiring once "they find their successor of the same calibre".So just keep watching for the new gamble......!!!!

challnging life said...

i dnt agree u ppl
hey u will accept Sachin
in 1st position but y cannt Federer
be 1st person in records

gaurav said...

dude...i am a bit agree with you,not 100%.i dont think a master of his game can fed up things for his huge fans.i am also not a huge fan of faderer but 'the real talent' can be never defeated .
in cricket aus-england thing was bit different.aussies was being arrogant,they are like, they considered no one can ever much better than them so ..
well,nice blog...a gud one.

aniket said...

i request all the followers of the blog to read the leading newspapers of the country .
article in them says "i can cry like him,but i can't play like him"-andy murray after losing the australian open final to fedrer.
i guess at least this atatement of his might change ur attitude and thinking towards the legend=FEDRER

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