Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 02-03 ( H1N1 )

You don’t have many options to choose among , when devil is at your very own door. What exactly one does , when he/she is confronted with an H1N1 confirmed positive guy ? ? ? Nothing legendary I’m sure. Precisely the same situation was here yesterday. I was in my ‘Mechanics of Solids’ class scuffling desperately with ‘shear stress’ and ‘buckling of columns’ and some good fellow messaged me at that hour, which goes like :

“oye , Positive H1N1 in Amit Sir, chal be ghar chalte hain, kya kehta hai ! wo ********* ko chutti dena hi padega , nahi to.....”

And believe me, news was known to even saplings of the campus in no time. Everybody was seen murmuring about the instance when they last saw Amit sir. Someone was worried coz he had shared the dinner table with him. Other one , coz he was his lab partner. Some other guy, coz he stays adjacent to his room. And similarly every other chap found some or other correlation with him. God knows , ‘why we are interested in getting such inept correlations , when actually we should have done some noble act of empathy.’ Huh !

Whether I should attend the scheduled 5:15 meeting of my club, I myself was not sure, ; just because Visveraya Hall comes in the way. I was sure nothing was going to happen, if I merely walked past the hall in which the patient lived , but even though , why to take chances? Better stay off the risks. The situation was more stern because that patient lived in the hostel with his mates for the last five days , the period for which his sample was sent to Kolkata for testing. An another issue of debate in itself , “Why the local doctors relieved him to stay in hostel ? Why they didn’t wait for the result of swab test to come?” Yet another evidence of their negligence.

When we expressed our concern on this issue (although our sole motto was to somehow arrange leave for ourselves), See what was the reply from the green end , “ We are a family ,and we will die as a family if it goes to that extent.” They also denied any chance of calling off the classes and arranged a screening test for SWINE FLU in our institute dispensary which itself has no cure if something goes beyond common cold and coughing..... as if they are willing to recompense.

And yes , One more thing to mention , yesterday our female companions also gathered courage to stay off the classes ; Probably , for the first time our mass bunk resulted in zero attendance. Thanks to the fairer sex , at least they co-operated in this sensitive issue and proved that they too are adept.

So what we concluded out of this complete scenario is that
1. Administration can’t take it’s own decisions, we have to force them to do so.
2. Only one H1N1 isn’t enough for them to declare leave in the institute. They are waiting for few more to come.
3. Delicate fellows can also co-operate in our mass bunks , so now we can arrange some more of them in a week.

And above it all – “ I have bought the disposable face mask”


rahul said...

So what I concluded out of this complete scenario is that
1. Administration can’t take it’s own decisions, MHRD HAS to force them to do so.EVEN THOUGH WILLING TO DECLARE HOLIDAY,THEY HAD TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIVE.
2. Only one H1N1 isn’t enough for them to declare leave in the institute. They are waiting for few more to come.S.K.SARANGI SHOULD LIVE IN HALL-2.
3.WE can also co-operate in DELICATE FELLOWS' mass bunks , so now ALL can arrange some more of them in a week.WE HAVE NOW GOT FULL COOPERATION OF OUR MASKED TEACHERS TOO!!

aniket said...

the man has a sound knowledge of things happening around him and has conveyed his feelings beautifully

आशीष अंकुर said...

"sahi hai!"

raghav at his best.

SOMEONE please fwd the link to the 'wo **********' to comment.

"we don't want to die."-someone updated his/her gtalk status.

i too want to say the same.

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ aniket
Thanks friend.

Ashesh Raghav said...

hope he cared for your wishes !

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ ashish ankur
Thanks a lot. By the way , may i know who has updated his /her g-talk status.

Anonymous said...

the most intriguing of journals..tells about the deeper imports of the swine flu in the society..very nicely written ashesh!!

Ashesh Raghav said...

thnx a lot dudette!

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