Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Live Technocrats ! !

The very first day in the second hellish year of engineering and what the hell are these stuffs ?? gonna be a mining engineer or a geologist ! ! ! probably even god doesn't know the answer.The stones those I would have kicked away had it come on my way. And today they were graced by me just coz some inhuman fellow gave them a worthy of respect and so they are in the 'mining geology and exploration lab' of my department of mining engineering. Huh.... what i was doing ! Colour, texture, streak, hardness, magnetic property (god knows why the f*** is this property useful for them), diagnostic property, lusture, cleavage, fracture........and the list goes on. Believe me I prepared a chart too. F*** that chart ! ! And so the department ! !

Anyway I'm now 25% , the only thing to cherish at this moment. Really the last week had been very hectic. Ran for F.I.R to the GRP for the theft of luggage of my friends in South Bihar Express that included three laptops and two trolley bags.It would have been more cruel if my insti. hadn’t provided it’s students with travel insurance. Long Live NIT Rourkela ! !

Got shifted to the new hostel this year , and frankly speaking I realised there’s no tougher task in the hell than to set your room and that too when a final year student is it’s pre-occupant. The only thing I found arranged in the room was the beer cans in the shelf in increasing order of their sizes. One could barely see the floor beneath the bed out of well laid cigarette heads. Long Live Engineering ! !

Mining engineering , a male bastion ,got a fairer sex this time. Yeah ! the only girl missed her last chance (by luck or by chance) to slide to some other branch. So now we aren’t 31 we are 30+1. Long Live Mining Enginering ! !

New faces have landed in the insti. No buddy , No ragging this time. I’ve already signed two anti ragging undertakings, one on my own behalf and the other one on behalf of papa. So , freshers live at your best. They have already been provided with security this time, pichle saal jo hamein bachate the, wo is saal humse bacha rahe hain ! Long Live that damn MHRD ! !


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