Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time to rejuvenate !

“Do you agree that Bihar is the crime capital of the country ? People from Bihar come here with an intention to commit crime . Do you agree with MNS chief Raj Thackeray’s opinion about Bihar ? “
……. er ……….. I’m not intended to get answers. The interview board of a Pune based law institute asked these questions to a Patna girl last week. Very unfortunate but a bitter fact as well.

Reacting strongly on this sensitive issue Chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar said : “Bihar is not the crime capital of India. The speedy trials of criminals in the state are being emulated by other states. We had a bloodless election. Every body here is now proud to be a Bihari and an Indian. Biharis do not commit crime at any place they go. They contribute to the development through their intelligence and labor. Bihari students get their job on their merit and not at any one’s mercy. “
Adding he said : “I’ve written to Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan asking him to take action on the issue and also union home minister P.Chidambaram urging him to give a suitable advice to the govt. of Maharashtra in this regard. I do expect the people of Maharashtra and politicians to condemn the episode. I hope it will be an isolated issue and not made a trend. “

Hats off to you Sir ! !

Huh ………… Alt + Ctrl + Del ! ! !

Now ,
Just press the refresh button of your cerebrum and keep sitting if you are in a mood to sail with me , else plz march off ! ! I expect my extended friends and the extended kin to plz give a special heed on the succeeding few paragraphs and guide me as I’m perplexed.
I sat down one day dreaming about my future plans. What should I opt at 21 once I complete my engineering degree? And you can’t believe a number of very realistic ideas brimmed my mind within a flash time.

For the first instance, I thought to be an entrepreneur . I dream to have my own enterprise. This will be a tough choice as I don’t have any such entrepreneurial background. But it is something that I’m passionate about. I will have to struggle very hard in its sowing period and will have to learn to make people believe in what I say. And I’ll love doing that. I don’t want to beg for leave and I desperately wish not to say some one “SIR” for the entire life. In short I want to make money not earn it. Truly speaking this is the strongest desire that I ever possessed .

Second thought that came to my mind was –
If I go for a higher foreign degree in mining engineering after 3-4 years of job in Indian mines, that will give me an edge over other mining engineers here in India . I may also opt for a job outside India, as there is a huge demand of mining engineers in countries like Germany, Australia, Canada and South Africa. They also pay a handsome salary. But the job outside India for me won’t be a life term aspect cuz I don’t wish to be paid for long. The sole purpose will be to accumulate seed money for the enterprise.

Third hypothesis goes like –
I should go for an MBA degree. And I suppose MBA from India won’t be a bad option. I will have an option to switch my job from technical field to corporate field any time during my career. MBA degree will also boost my earnings thus will consequently take lesser time in earning the seed money. In addition , MBA degree will also be my left hand at the time of setting up my enterprise . This will also ensure it’s smooth sailing .

Fourth dream that appeared that day was –
I should go for civil services practically the only service that lucrates me. Earlier it used to be my residual wish but for what reason I don’t know it has grown stronger now a days in me. Respected kin , plz attend to this aspect seriously. Sometimes I feel – “I could have done it in a better manner. If given to me ,I can change the complete scenario.” Probably these types of revolutionary thoughts have evoked in me the aspiration to become civil servant. Commendable ! ! Isn’t it ?

So friends and kin, help me to come out of this situation. Very random and extreme are these aspirations but the fortunate part is that all of them are realistic and I’ve to narrow it down further.
Although , from my past experiences I’ve learnt that “Destiny rarely walks with my wishes” but still I believe that “Wishes themselves are governed by the destiny.” (That’s why this article has gone into my blog).
So folks , plz ……… plz…….. come out with some dynamic suggestions.

Lovingly Ishu.


Azad said...

Dear brother and friend!!
I extend my apologies in advance as this reply is going to be a bit long. After all you have chosen one of my favorite topics- Entrepreneurship!

It is lovely to see your inclination towards entrepreneurship! After having a first hand experience of it, i can say, its pretty good!

It has a downside too, its addictive!

The only suggestion which I can give you is, start as early as possible. probably now...
If you are able to set things before you leave college, it would be a major plus point.
Moreover, it would convince your parents that you can survive even if you dont go for a regular job!

BTW, Bihar rocks! ;)

Ashesh Raghav said...

I do 've thought in this regard as well.I apologise for i didn't pen it here.

I'm working with the entrepreneurship cell of NIT Rourkela which has been assigned the task to promote entrepreneurial inclination among youth in the state of Orissa by the ministry of HRD , Govt. of India.

Although I'm not getting monetary benefits out of it.But still it gives me what you say 'first hand experience'.The most important one is that I'm gettin cautious of the pit-holes of entrepreneurship.

How's the idea of civil services !

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