Sunday, June 7, 2009

A wake up call !

Should I apologize my long absence or should refrain doing so cuz I’m a newly inducted blogger ? Being bullish is safer I suppose. So , I apologize for this. Infact some insipid instances occurred being SMPS of the PC out of order. . . . . . . . . cousins stepping in. . . . . . . . . Dadaji hospitalized (now he’s improving).. . . . . . . . . my own visit to Patna . . . . . . . . . blah. . blah. . blah !
Professionally Many events took place in the last month that I can’t resist reacting upon.
Pakistan army struggled with Taliban at the Pak-Afghan border. Sri Lankan army fought with LTTE for Tamilians’ rights. Nepalese PM Prachanda resigned. North Korea did its another nuclear test. Concerning our own country , election results are there , violence sprout up in Punjab, Indian students were attacked in Australia and many more.
To elaborate preferentially I’m picking election results today. When I say ‘election results’ it is not worth of merely two poor words, but it has many pros and cons attached with it. Before starting I must congratulate Dr. Manmohan Singh for his preternatural achievement. He really deserves the applause.
But the ease with which he formed the alliance this time is not going to pave his way that much easily for sure. He has a big challenge ahead. Though he will be relatively unbound in implementing decisions but at the same time he will have to make sure that regional parties must not get discontented as well. Parties like DMK and Trinamul congress are among those with which congress can’t part away with when assembly election comes. Obviously congress can boast of its self-reliance in states like Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Haryana and Delhi.
But the flagship of Nitish-led govt. in Bihar must’ve worried senior leaders of congress too. Number of M.Ps with criminal background has also been reduced to a great extent this term. This time majority of people voted for development unlike the earlier elections and they preferred younger guys for this cause. Agatha Sangma , Sachin Pilot , Rahul Gandhi , Varun Gandhi , Jyotiraditya Scindia and many more are the popular figures, people have faith in. People do have faith that these guys will use their zeal and vigor to the fullest.
And I do believe the same. Infact dynamism is what Indian governance has lacked since independence. For example , I don’t find any reason in having no solution of the Kashmir issue. Either it should be solved or should be declared that it won’t be solved. Lack of dynamism in the governance is the reason behind. And I do have faith in this government having a lot of young blood in its cabinet to work in this regard. Even the media has to play a big role in this.
Have a look on this :
After having sworn in as the C.M of Bihar in 2005 Nitish Kumar prospected marvelous tasks for the development of the state in every aspect be it education, employment, poverty eradication, health or the law & order. And now as a consequence, most of the roads in the state are in pretty well condition. Dormant govt. hospitals are now breathing in. Dozens of new engineering and medical colleges have been finalized. Employment to every youth has been guaranteed by its ‘rozgar guarantee yojana’. Cases of kidnapping, dacoities, thefts and murders have now scaled down to a meager handful. The whole scenario of the state has changed. Even the leaders of the opposition have praised his job. And it bore the fruit for him as his alliance won 32 out of the 40 constituencies in the state in LS election 09.
But see what a local newspaper revealed :
“जातिगत समीकरणों के खेल में जीते नीतीश ”
It really hurts. The media has to play a big role. Another question…Why BJP could not prove itself at the centre ? ? ? A million dollar question. Out of many suggested reasons I agree with some of them. The strategies of BJP were not tuned with the mindset of the youngsters who were in a large number this time voting for the first chance. Obviously one finds no reason in voting for any party just cuz it guarantees Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. And believe me that was the message the general mass concluded out of BJP's rigorous election campaigns. Cost of commodities rising sky high. Serial bomb blasts in many cities of the nation were some burning issues on which BJP was required to heed prior to elections. But it didn’t and so voters accepted the cost of arhar dal at Rs. 62/kg and are also keen to buy if it reaches Rs. 120/kg. AWFUL ! ! !
So folks ! if you really want to frame a nation of your dreams. C’mon wake up ! There are horizons to think upon ! ! Move on ! !
BJP - Refresh your system
Congress - Strengthen your organization
Regional parties- Be confined to your regions
Mafias - No more governance.

Voters - Vote for Dynamism…. Development….n.. Devotion !


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