Saturday, May 9, 2009

Being engineered to rebel ! !

Robin , an innate talent (hmmm….. an exaggeration indeed) struggles with his destiny for a couple of years and ultimately (read penultimate-ly) lands up in a so-called institute of national repute. Robin really never knew that he'd be denied admission in any of the 7 (+2) elite institutes ‘cuz his score wasn’t sufficient for a general category student (probably having two eyes, two ears , one nose and . . ! !) to get through that. Once he came to know this harsh reality he could only manage with “ What The F*$k ! ”. Is it the remorse for having high expectations from me ? ? Is it ‘cuz I’ve an excellent academic record throughout ? ? Is it the deadly consequence of opting for (M)orally (A)dverse (T)heory for (H)uman p(S)ychology while stepping into class XI ? ? Or is it just ‘cuz I’m born mentally sound ? ? Even god doesn’t know the answers but a jillion of such questions kept haunting Robin on his way to Rourkela (a small city in Orissa where his destined institute was located). Alas ! the dreams were slaughtered. Robin , a hypothetical aerospace engineer practically gonna be a mining engineer. A person who dreamt to fly above the ground was actually destined to strive under the ground.. W T F ! ! !
To counteract the adverse , some beautiful lawns , awesome well-lit streets , colorful fountains and the 3.5 km long stretch from the insti entrance to G.D.Birla hall of residence (hostel meant for Robin) was the fortunate scenario in ‘National Institute of Technology’ to greet him. Owing to the fact that Robin’s insti. has been ranked at no. 17 among over 2300 engineering colleges of India ,this scenic beauty and the large span of land was obvious. But Robin’s gray cells ran differently. Can I continue here ? ? Should I continue here ? ? Will I continue here ? ? Three seemingly similar yet varying questions piled up in his cerebrum. Oooooofff . . no response ! the bada babu handed the slip to Robin – “ Robin P. George , roll no.- 108MN*** ”. W T F ! !
No further queries. Robin is now the infamous engineering student. No regrets of not being in top 7 (+2). Wahan jyada padhna padta ! competition bhi jyada hota ! pata nahi main wahan kahan stand karta ! aur dil se bolun to pata nahin wahan pe …. … … … !
Commendable condolence note , Robin !
Robin now walks to the auditorium of his destined insti. For the introductory lecture by the hon’ble director. On his way (the same 3.5 km long stretch ) he is confronted with three demon-turned-seniors firmly gripping Marlboro sticks in between their index and middle fingers. No Robin. No WTF this time ! ! “ Good Morning Sir” was the only stuff he could manage with.
Will I smoke ? ? Will I drink ? ? Will I reach this hellish extent to symbolize that I am an engineering student ? ? Three new yet-to-solve puzzles queued up in Robin’s mind.
Good luck Robin ! ! Hunt for your answers ! !


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