Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Shift . . .

The excerpt that follows may sound a little trendy as you find in autobiographies but is apt sans any exaggeration. I recall the shattered face of that lady who rented me a room in her flat in Kota for two years for my engineering entrance preparation, when i first uttered that I am a Bihari after a fair deal of finalising the room for a couple of thousand bucks a month. She was like, 'oh my god, Bihari !! My goodness , what if you use my ally to shit.' I ain't expecting any cheap laugh at this point. I guess, even she doubted if i would rape her daughter. This was sad but it was moronic on my part that I couldn't blame her for this after my worst possible insult.
If you remember the movie, 'Ye Mera India'. There is a still in which Rajpal Yadav arrives at the Mumbai CST and begs for job to a beggar over there. And even that beggar kicks him saying,

"Go back to Bihar, you Biharis come and pollute Mumbai."

In the same movie, the Mumbai traffic police stops a car walla just because he doubted him to be a Bihari, because his audio player was rhythming at

'Main aayi hun UP Bihar Lootne'.

Though I liked the movie, its very sad for me and the Bihari community (which I never endorse as such) that our conditions have been a source of inspiration for such movies. Aweful ! Yesterday when I was searching for the nearest Subway outlet in Patna on subway locator, you couldn't imagine it was in Durgapur (West Bengal). What is, that made Subway to prefer Durgapur over Patna ? Not a single Subway in entire Bihar. Even, I bet if some one has travelled entire India except one state, that one would be Bihar !

But then, There's a paradigm shift . . .

Today, contrastingly, if any leading firm wishes to expand its span, the first state it travels is Bihar. Untill recently there was not a single Shopping Mall in the state capital, but today there are a plenty of and a dozen under construction. A single man makes up the majority if god is with him.

Imagine the case when thousand men will be having thousand respective gods with them, and thus they will be making up thousands of majorities. Won't they bring about the change thousand times as Bihar had recently. I say, crap the thousand deal, just 28 + 7 of them are enough. But, the question arises, who should they be ? I have laid down three criteria:

1. He should not be even a distant kin of Mr. Karunanidhi.
2. He should not be a PhD holder from any of the Bihar Universities during 1990-2005 (The infamous Lalu Kingdom).The degress were all fake.
3. He should not be an Anti-Hindu Muslim or an Anti-Muslim Hindu.

Just these three criteria make up the things. Apart from this if he happens to be an Engineering student or in a case any graduate from any reputed institute is all enough to flagshipize the Indian Glory. Why did I say engineering student and how do I define a reputed institute ? I will come to it in a while. At this point, I say,the power and the enthusiasm the youth possess is incomparable. You can't expect a septuagenerian Prime Minister with a bye pass surgery done to handle the Onion Price, check the Naxalite attacks, Scrutinize the corrupt cabinet ministers, attend the G-20 summit, fight for the permanent membership in UN security council and to deliver the convocation addresses in Universities all in one stretch. It's is simply impossible.

India now needs people like me and you who has education, who knows the societal set-up of rural India and also has been an intimate denizen of the breeding mall culture. The person who can sip his morning coffee in the Starbucks and while on the way to his uncle's place, can also stop by 'amar dhaba' and can have his Gold Flake. Such a versatile personality is all what Indian politics lacks as on date. The Indian Politics is corrupt. Young people should survey out the society. Their needs should be properly analysed. A proper frame work has to be made. And then youth should launch their campaigns in accordance. The honesty, the dire to work hard, and the thirst to see India developed is at its trough in the 35% young enthusiasts of our nation. Just put the onus on us and see the miracle in a decade.

For God's sake, if I become the cabinet minister then, will drive straight to Kota just after the oath and will kill Mrs. M.L Sharma in my first agenda. And then the drive to flagshipise India will take precedence over even extra marital affairs.

I'm waiting for the day when Bhartiya Janta Party will come to NIT Rourkela for recruitments. Just they need to drop in a mail to the Training and Placement cell. A pick -up to the airport will be sent for sure.


Harmanpreet 2170 said...

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sundeep choudhary said...

very wel written i would like to ask u a question. Is only politicians responsible for the backwardness of bihar ??...who elected them ??.nd its nt just a one man show ..the change in mindset of the ppl of bihar  made tat possible..nd i would also like to add 1 more criteria in ur list..tat he/she should nt be from congress because in congress we only have sycophant politicians .nd there only job is to keep soniaji nd rahul baba in good mood..

Ashesh Raghav said...

No not only the politicians, definitely the people too are responsible to an extent. But then, If people are illiterate, aren't Politicians responsible for that to an extent. Its a conundrum.  Tough shell to crack, but sure to give stuffs to eat when cracked ! Thank you for stopping by Juvenilia. Keep Visiting !

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