Thursday, December 16, 2010

My secret page !

When I was offered the joining letter by Schlumberger, people raised their eye-brows as if I would mine Copper from their Gold mines. I was placed in some sub Saharan African oasis. Life Expectancy was too low. Demographics said, only 1.5 % of the total population were immigrants. Of which only 30 % could return back safely. My decision to join the firm came as the biggest surprise to their lives. But I didn't have any other option to choose.

The days and years passed by, neither did I mine Copper nor had I faked their Gold with the fool's gold. Life was going at a very smooth pace. Parents agreed to marry me to my love. As none other they could find who agreed to stay with me in the Sub Saharan Burkina Faso. I felt like arranged marriage was invented for me, but it was falsified then. No tops ! No turns ! Life was moving on in a way expected for a mining engineer. She too adopted herself with the Burkina Culture. In the subsequent years, We had a baby daughter. My wife got another "human" to play with. She was admitted in a French school there when she grew little older.

One sunny morning, I got a call from one of my best school friends who was working with some news channel in Latur, Maharashtra, India. He invited me to India for his wedding. I flew alone to India to attend it. It was the first time that i flew alone since I stayed in Burkina Faso. I was feared if my wife would stay safe.

This India visit came as a even bigger surprise to my wife. I resigned Schlumberger and chose an independent profession in India after my return to Burkina.

I started liking the new job. It fetched me a handsome salary but lesser than that in Burkina. But, me and my wife both were happier. My daughter started learning Hindi.

One October morning, I woke up with a call from a person saying, "Is this Mr. AR ? you are saying to the Chief Minister of Karnataka. See, I am impressed by the ways you reveal scams and publicize it on the television. Owing to your virtue, I wish to see you once in my office. It will be very kind if you please visit me this friday."

I was perplexed. The best I could expect was an excellence award. That Friday, I went to see him in his office. As soon as I reached, he ordered his men to shut the doors and put before me a cup of coffee. You won't believe, he said,

"See, Mr. AR I'm gonna give away the government land to two of my sons and a daughter-in-law for a price which will be much below the market price. So, it will be your day, if you reveal this scam in the news channel you work for. And yes, don't forget to say that, the land is worth many crores. This will fetch you big leap in your career as it will then be a multi-crore scam."

I disclosed his scam. My popularity grew. My wife was skeptical about this. She doubted why would one ask to reveal his/her own scam.

In a couple of weeks, I got a call from A.Raja. He was very much enthusiastic about his project. He came up with a scam which worthed more than 5 times our yearly national budget. But he was desperate as no body was taking up his case. He was being cursed by his secretary for not being able to get even one media person at his door. He was like bubbling out with his scam. he had done all his job . He was just waiting for a platform upon which he could shout about his scam to the entire nation. I took up his job and publicized his scam of whopping amount.

I grew much more with this project. People having done scams of merely 100 crores too started approaching me. I felt very disappointed when I could not help them. I didn't have spare time to publicize the scams of less than 1000 crores.

When at home, my cellphone rang every minute. My wife and daughter did not like my busy schedule. They wished me to spare time for them. In the mean while, I got another call from Mr. Suresh Kalmadi. And when I was talking to him. My cellphone beeped many a times. It was Mr. Ashok Chavan's call in waiting. I dealt with both of them and helped them gaining popularity.

Now, I had grown a national figure. People were queued up in front of my house with their individual scams of various capacities, when I left home in the morning for the office. Things turned their way. I had a wikipedia page for me now. I was a very popular figure among the lobbyists and the people who did scams did honor me a lot.

One day, when I was in a cocktail party organised in my honor by one of the clients whose scam I had successfully busted , Rahul Gandhi called me. And while I was talking to him, I got a call-in-waiting by Manmohan Singh. I immediately swapped the call and answered Mr. Singh, "Sir, Rahul Ji is on call, I'm calling you back in a while !"

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Anubhav Gaurav said...

what was this bhai....????

Harshit Agrawal said...

Awesome post bro...
while feel pity for ur placement(to be) in Schlumberger in sub Saharan African oasis...
regarding ur future plan----- you will definitely be filled with a loads of work if u take up this this field...coz these dayz u only happen to listen about scams of 1000's crores......and i think that will grow u will be on demand.....
regarding Mr. Singh....I dont think he would call u ...coz all that scam would be known to Mrs.sonia gandhi... :P

nice topic.......

Ashesh Raghav said...

Thanks a lot.
keep visiting !

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