Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'd smoke..

Disclaimer: This post has no intentional resemblance to any one. Even if it goes that way then is sure to set for your benefit. Even if you wish to endorse smoking after reading this post then comment section awaits your fervent response. Remember your endorsement for smoking doesn't mean that you are a smoker.

Yes,I'd smoke....if Slovenia wins this Soccer WC. And I’m sure the latter isn’t going to happen and so neither I’m going to smoke as a consequence. And I also wish not to, when I’ve got umpteen other options to have. I wonder why they smoke. Don’t they have these options? They do have, but they are just little carried away, and I feel myself a little more conscious. I am not going to explain all those hazards of smoking and its dire consequences here on my blog. The target readers of this post are aware of them very well. And moreover I’m not being paid for that. I bet, hold a cigarette pack without touching that deadly crab and I’ll gift you with a ‘Gudang Garam’ for sure. The government has already made cigarette brands to place that crab almost all over the packet. So, I don’t think I can better create awareness through my blog.

Even then if you ask any smoker, “Why do you smoke?” he/she will entertain you with a free comedy show for the next fifteen minutes. He/she will present before you every hell reason and you won’t be able to resist laughing. For some it is a status symbol. My milkman is a chain smoker and he smokes every day when he comes to deliver milk at my door. Do you want that status? You may say, people like Enrique, Shakira, Pattinson and Selena Gomez smoke and so they have gained status. Then I would say , there are people like Kofi Annan, Amitabh Bachchan, Javed Akhtar and Hillary Clinton too who never smoked. Buddy it’s not the number of puffs that matters it’s the inner zeal and vigor that count.

I’m stunned to hear that there is also a buzz in the campus “B.Tech is incomplete without Beers, Babes and Bunks”. I ask what about the fairer sex then? Do they need to thank Article-377 !! I’m not intended to get your cheap laughs here (Read: cheap moronic laughs; if you are a smoker).For these smokers, beer inherits puffs. I’m scared if I’m going to be B.Tech or not. I’ll be happy if I don’t get B.Tech at the cost of smoking.

I ask the non-smokers, what you love eating the most be it “Mc puff with Fanta float” or “Chicken Wings with Cappuccino”, will you drop down your apartment in the hot summer afternoon when the temperature outside is 46 degrees just to walk to the nearest Mc D or KFC. I’m sure you won’t. But these smokers love their puffs more than you love your Chicken Wings. I have cases with me among my friends who walk more than a kilometer to get that bloody cigarette when we plan a bunk in between the two lectures. They have a much better option of enjoying Cold Coffee in the canteen and air conditioned net surfing thereafter.

Dear friends, still you have got enough time. If you plan to quit smoking once engineering is over why not today. After all this cigarette won’t fetch you status neither will it help you getting out of your stress. This will just add to it. There are better options to fight stress. Come with me and I’ll tell you how to pelt the professor’s residence who didn’t give you good Teacher’s assessment marks. It’s fun. I will tell you how to persuade HOD’s daughter for Computer lab’s key for late night surfing. Come, just join me and I’ll take you inside the Canteen through the ventilator at 2 AM. You will just enjoy.

All the smokers in general and my dear friends in particular you all are intelligent enough to understand this complete phenomenon. When you can crack one of the toughest engineering examinations then I’m sure you can sense my nerves too. So come join me in this campaign of making India Healthy India. Click here to join this campaign. Your single click will ensure a big step towards this dream. So, let’s join our hands together for this noble cause.

And yes I'm afraid in case Slovenia wins !!!


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