Friday, May 21, 2010

A letter to the people of Jharkhand….

I beg your pardon and ask :

Are you really the descendants of Manu as we are? Where goes your conscience every time while choosing your leader? I doubt, a normal human can’t elect (I repeat “ elect”) a person to represent his/her constituency whose husband had just been arrested for a whopping 4000 Cr scam while in the chair of Chief Minister. Isn’t it a shame that your state has seen 7 chief ministers in just 10 years of its formation in a democracy where election is scheduled after a term of 5 year? Oh.. I forgot even one independent candidate had been a Chief Minister of Jharkhand once.

I was not very mature when the partition took place but yes I do remember, the same month Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh parted from UP and MP. It needs no mention that today they are far richer in Literacy, Per Capita Income, Life Expectancy and all other aspects that the govt. considers in its census. And your state has just missed the prestigious lowest position in Literacy. It is meager 53% dear. Oh ! That means half of you people can’t even read my this letter. Fuck !!

You know 53% is the literacy when government of India considers the person who can just read and right as literate and amazingly all the children below 7 years of age are literate by default. I can’t resist laughing. Ok, leave aside these data. Just ask yourself “why is it that the 'Operation GreenHunt' is rampant only in Chhattisgarh and Orissa when your state is equally Naxal affected. Isn’t this your Chief Minister’s negligence? Don’t say that Mr. Chidambaram is more cooperative to them. I won’t believe. They both have anti governments as is yours.

May be I’m over simplifying but answer my this question, Why I’m suggested to hide my laptop in my trolley bag while on train when my train passes through your state? Stunned, but this is the fact. Why does it take 8 hours for just 170 Km if I alternately take road route to reach Ranchi from Rourkela? By the grace of the god I haven’t been by road yet. But Yes I have to spend sleepless nights in train just for the safety of my luggage. Unfortunately Jharkhand comes in Between Bihar and Orissa, So, I don’t have any other option.

I hate to say this but I hate the people of Jharkhand. You don’t stink nor have you claimed my paternal properties but just because you don’t have the capability to select the right person.

I have heard people voting in the name of caste and clans and it is prevalent in the regions of uneducated majority. Then where does your flagship record of 53% go. Had this 47 % illiterate people given vote to a single leader of any single caste, your state would have seen a stable government at least. Being precise, all the 7 Chief Ministers those you have chosen were all scheduled tribes and your state has a total 27 % of its population as scheduled tribes. I’m no wrong if I say that 27% votes give a clear majority in a type of democracy that India has. (I’m not endorsing caste based voting, it is just if it comes as a boon for this poor state).

Mr. Shibu Soren, I can’t refrain highlighting your name. You are truly a saint. I bow to you. After a period of just 4 months your pseudo-stable government went into minority when you supported UPA government on some issue in Lok Sabha. Did you forget that you had a coalition government and BJP is your blotted partner in this unfair trade? I’m much unbiased in criticizing BJP for supporting you in formation of the government in December 2009. (Fortunately I had been in Jharkhand in the month of December. So, I have been very close to all this). They had a better option if they would have supported Congress party then.

Now in May 2010, you are deciding that 28 months you will rule and for the next 28 months BJP will rule. What the hell is this? Where on earth has this phenomenon been introduced in this scene? You are ruling a state which requires the most of your efforts. And you are behaving as if two brothers are parting their properties before mortgaging them. Still you have time, Mr. Soren Keep your palm on your chest and ask yourself, “ Am I really the one that Jharkhand needs today?” If you get a positive response, Carry on ! My wishes ! And in case you get a negation, that I’m sure you will, then please let the efficient ones come. There is no dearth of capable persons in this state. Let them shape your state for you.

People of Jharkhand,
After a good deal of “28 months” it was decided that Mr. Soren will step down on 25th. And a news has just popped up in my window saying “Mr. Shibu Soren has denied resignation” He’ll continue. Comments from BJP awaited.”

God save this state. I pity when I see my state prospering at a rate which is the second fastest in the nation and my younger brother succumbing in this unfortunate paucity. You are the one responsible for this. Sometimes I think, what’s wrong when Naxalites strive to form a parallel government when the existing government is of this type. They may give comparatively better governance. After all, patience has to break some day. It has already been a decade….

I’m waiting for the Elections 2014 . . . .


babu said...

Though you hav written this letter for Jharkhand only but it somehow validates the situation of some other states also. I take UP.
Let me show it.
Take two states- Maharashtra and UP
On one hand see the Bandra Worli sea link( reduced 50min run to 7min, smart people can see the profit in future ).......that project took 1600 crore ONLY.....(only has some reason)

On the other hand see the 2000 crore investment on those fucking murteees of MAAYA mam....( even illiterate can imagine the profit thru this investmant in future) .....

Yaar even illiterate people know that their gov is not going to give them anything....votes of such simple people depends on some factors which we r unaware..[ratna singh(gangster...sis of raj bhaiya) won in pbh bcoz she is less dangerous than Raja]. Can u even think of these parameters while voting but the fact is even literate community hav also thought in this ridiculous manner. Sry yaar .. we can't help the thinking of our people.

Now I should relate it to SHibu we move to his young days he was also a murderer,rapist,looter or whatever things one requuire to be CM of jharkhand.
People there might feel SAFER under shibu than Naxals.....I mean we r not choosing between good or bad but b/w worse and worst.

Tell me what htose people can do if they hav nothing to choose.
Intelligent and honest people couldn't reach that position frm where they can fight an election bcoz the intermediate steps r so bloody that only criminals or those who r ready to support crime can reach there.

That was my way of thinking on this issue......
Now this comment itself turnng into a blog so i m stopping here......

Reply me.... to get some more out of me

Anyways better blog came frm u this time....
Good one

Ashesh Raghav said...


"People of Jharkhand choose between worse and worst!"

Ha ha . Marvellous.

aniket said...

bhai ek bat to jan lo ki yeah bat sirf ek state ki nahi has been India's history in modern times. people are illiterate in this country,the are divided in all the respect any one can imagine.politician's have long used this as their tools. people were,are,and willbe misled in this one can do anything about that.even you can not expect literate people like us to bring about a change by voting against these criminals.

lets hope people vote a better CM for jharkhand.

yar asesh aise hi blog likho maja ata hai padhne main aur comment dene main

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