Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saffron Terror !!

[Note: This post is written as a reply to Himanshu Shekhar's post on his blog. He goes on to elaborate that nothing called 'Saffron Terror' exists in this nation. Lets analyse.]

Chidambaram utters and a shoe sways on his face!! If not today, may be next time when he commits this crime. Chidambaram, you are the home minister of a country which is just by fluke a secular country. It ought to be a Hindu nation and no matter what, we experience a royal hospitality because we are magnanimous ‘one billion’ of ‘one point some billion’ population. You may be assigned to maintain a state of welfare for all the citizens but we least bother. For us, development of other under privileged sects at the cost of our community is what we can sue you for.

Let’s have a look on what else this saffron brigade has in its store to present before you which by the matter of the fact of being in a country of pro-saffron majority, you may have skipped.

Saffron Terror 1 : Killing of Graham Staines :

In Mayurbhanj, Orissa, on 22nd January 1999, Graham Staines was brutally killed with his two sons in an attack by a lead saffron organization people. Dara Singh, the prime accused had connections with the Bajrang Dal and was sentenced to death by a special court of CBI for this brutal act on 22 Sep, 2003. Graham Staines actually worked for an Australian missionary society in the area of Mayurbhanj. Ms. Stains still selflessly runs a leprosy house for the welfare of the leprosy patients in Baripada, Orrisa.

Before I proceed further, let me beforehand confess that all the data and facts have been compiled from various reliable sources and these data and facts have been further blended with the emotions of the people belonging from Christians, converted Christians , re-converted Hindus and the tribal sects of Orissa, fortunately, I share my dinner table with.

Saffron Terror 2 : Rape of sister Meena Lalita :

On 25th August, 2008, Sister Meena Lalita was allegedly raped in Nuagaon, Orissa by a fanatic Hindu mob. She was even dragged alongside a priest. She hid herself because of the fear of Hindu extremists for long. It was only after the suspension of a police officer for delaying the investigation that the case came into mass picture. The woe is that, then BJP was in alliance with the ruling government of Orrisa and the Saffron-BJP conundrum is all known. Archbishop of Cuttack further insisted for the CBI probe of the alleged rape by Bajrang Dal Activists and then the case swayed further.

Saffron Terror 3 : Atrocities on Christians of Kandhamal :

Following the killing of Swami Lakshamanananda Saraswati on 23rd August,2008 a violence led by VHP activists gripped Kandhamal intensely. The VHP activists led none of the stones unturned in devastating Christian base in Kandhamal which according to them where responsible for Swami’s killing. Without giving any heed to the claim of the killing by the Maoists, Vishwa Hindu Parishad men took all their hands out in revenge for their earlier enmity with the Christian groups. They set Christian orphanages on fire, killed Christian employees of the missionary charities and raped the Christian women.

P.S: I further googled the history of Kandhamal and what I found is much more revealing and shocking for pro-saffron people. The clash between two odd village groups was firstly intensified by these communal brigade and was then given a shape of riot because coincidently the group belonged to two different religions. It will be explained in the follow up comments section.

Saffron Terror 4 : Malegaon Blasts :

On 8th September 2006, in the shiny afternoon when some muslim pilgrims were returning after Friday prayers on the holy Shab-e-barat day in Malegaon,Maharashtra, some Hindu extremist organization targeted them and killed 50 in a series of a blasts inside the Muslim cemetery and injured hundreds others in the stampede that followed. The prime accused Pragya Thakur is the protagonist of the saffron brigade.

Saffron Terror 5 : Mecca masjid blast, Hyderabad :

On 18 May, 2007 Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad which is very close to Charminar, was targeted and was blasted at the time of Friday prayers aiming the lives of innocent Muslims. The explosives used and pattern of attack pose a serious threat to the internal security of our country. The chief suspect in this case is also a guiding Saffron group.

If this is not enough to put the threat of Saffron terror before the country there are cases of Ajmer blasts on 11 October 2007.

In a nutshell, if we say, government is creating a ‘pseudo terror’ in the form of ‘Saffron Terror’ just to hide its incompetency to fight the ‘Jihadi Terror’, then it will be too impatient of a comment by a sensible person. The government is incompetent in fighting Jihadi Terror but at the same time it is not creating a pseudo terror in the shawl of saffron terror. To be in the realistic and logical ambience, ‘Saffron Terror’ too exists in parallel. We should make the actual figures handy and moreover must not shut the mouths of the oppressed few crores of our population. Rather should lend our supporting mouths to guide their words to the proper platform . . . .


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