Saturday, March 27, 2010

SAINCHIT......... we have it in us !

Disclaimer: This post has been created after a special request of a very special friend of mine and is dedicated to all my friends of Sainik school Chittorgarh.

This is 6 a.m and I have initiated writing a post just now.

I thought of writing a post since long and when I got a competition from a fellow blogger , then writing a blog never remained a voluntary act for me rather I was compelled to write.
A lot of controversy over M.F Hussain's exile and his citizenship of Qatar has been confronted amidst, IPL has flung in between (Though I hate it ), My own insti. has its annual cultural fest that means some beautiful chicks from various parts of the country walked over to our "estrogen starved" campus for those three days.

*I have stolen this word and added it aptly to my vocabulary. Believe me, its an awesome word to describe a ‘Sarkari Engineering College's campus.

Moreover Bihar has celebrated its first Foundation day after 98 years of its foundation on 22nd March. Three cheers for Nitish Kumar. Long Live this " Bihar Day. "

Sachin has added a double ton to the record book of One day internationals.

But still my target readers are the people who can't sustain more than a paragraph on any of these. If I start writing on the issues like 'Should Government have censorship on WWW". I'm sure majority of them will back off the screen !!
Meanwhile I got an invitation to join the google group of Sainik School Chittorgarh. Let me publicly announce beforehand that full credit of being of mine goes to this school.

दिल से बोलूं तो इसी जगह ने मुझे दुनियादारी सिखाई है.

The same day I downloaded four documentary videos of Sainik School chittorgarh from the you tube. It sometimes comes from within. I can recall few very funny moments of my days at this school. These rejoice me. I want to share one of them here on my blog.

22.02.2006 (preparation leave for 10th board exams)

I was in class 10th. Class 10th and class 12th both were known to be the most notorious batches of the school then. We studied in the reading room till late night and sometimes even early morning for our board exams. Late night dormitory cricket, Dagla-ka –khera ke namkeen, choorma, dish connection with the housemaster’s TV, Bed tea and all were very common.

But on this day something very astonishing happened. We were challenged by class 12th students to call a girl to our campus back post at that time i.e 1 am. (It wasn’t a cake walk then, Let me again recall you, It was Sainik School, where hardly a dozen of chicks lived that too in the teacher’s quarter area in the entire 273 acre campus).

Adding to it we had some criteria for that girl. Its really funny.

1. She should be in between the age of 16 to 20.
2. She should not be a prostitute.
3. She should not be among the friend circle of any one of us.
4. She should give her intro in English when asked to. (Probably to ensure we don’t take any one from the rags)
5. She should be taken in a car !!!
6. Nobody other than us should accompany that girl.
7. And moreover we had in total only 90 minutes for this starting at 11:30 PM. That means we had to come back with a strange girl in a car at the back post of the school latest by 1 am on 23.02.2006.

We started off at 11:30 PM. Seeing the lust in the bet a student of class 12th too came to our side. We three went outside wondering how come we will get a girl at this deadly hour. Jumping the boundary wall of the school itself was an offense. But we had to, after all 2500 bucks were on stake. We wondered, which father will allow his daughter to go with us at that time. We made plans sitting on the railway track about how to convince the father to leave her daughter with us for just half an hour. ( see how we were hopeful then).In first two or three homes we ran away after ringing the call bells. Gradually we gathered courage and in the fourth home we waited at the door for someone to come out. But no , he didn’t allow as expected. We roamed in the streets of Pratap nagar colony, then Meera nagar after that Zinc colony for another 35 – 40 minutes. We could meet with only barking Alsatian and poodles.
At one instance, I turned little hopeful because the girl’s brother opened the door and all other were asleep. I tried to convince him in the best possible manner to please come with us. I just requested him to stay away for 50 meters at the time when I would be calling them to take her intro. ( Criterian no. 06 ). But this annoyed him and he refused.

I thought to get help from one of my local friends who stayed at his home. But we didn’t have cell phones (we weren’t allowed to keep) and you can’t expect telephone booths to be open at 12 midnight. That friend of mine had a scooty too which could have helped us then. Finally with all our efforts we tracked his home and reached. All were asleep. His mother opened the door. We told her about the challenge after modifying it a little bit. We told her that the challenge was to bring her son to the campus at that hour. And she agreed later after a rigorous convincing. Then we all four rode his scooty and went straight to the petrol pump. We spent money hoping to win the bet. He took us straight to his relative’s house living in some other corner of Chittaurgarh. He asked us to wait at some distance and he went in and negotiated his ‘masi’ (probably it means mausi) to come with us. Nobody other than his masi (she was fulfilling all the criteria) knew that she was going with us. Everybody thought it was my local friend with whom she was going. So , they didn’t doubt a lot.

Now we had to arrange a car. Yet another big task!! We went to Chittorgarh railway station to get one taxi. (The criterian no. 05 doesn’t clarify that taxi can’t be hired). So we went for that. No taxi driver agreed for this purpose. What it had to do was just pick this girl from some chauraya (away from her home), take her along with us to the school back post had to wait there for 10 minutes till the intro is done. Then had to come back to some other chauraya where my local friend would be waiting in his scooty to take her to home. We could manage to spend maximum of 500 rupees for this as we didn’t have much amount. But no taxiwala agreed in this amount at 12:25 AM.

As our last desperate attempt we approached a Maruti Van Of Dainik Bhaskar Press. The driver was sleeping inside. He had to go on duty at 2 AM. He agreed thinking it will be bonus amount that he’d earn apart from his salary. So he agreed in 300 bucks to do our job. We three sat inside that van, my local friend was waiting on his scooty at some chauraya with that girl. We picked that girl in the van. And my friend followed us on scooty.

Three times we were stopped on the police check post. Thank god this van had written over it PRESS in bold letters. Else in no time the chain of calls would have rang up my father through the principal of my school. And you know what, the road on which we were travelling was a part of Golden Quadrilateral which eventually ran through the city. So It was on high alert.

And yes we reached the back post sharp at 12:58 AM. I called those seniors from the hostel who had challenged us. They took an intro of her in English.

They were stunned to see that we did it !!
They were fully confident of winning the bet. But I say we had something in us that day, that we accepted their challenge!

But later a controversy arose over the time, they said it was 1:03 AM when we reached so we had lost. But we were there at 12:58. Any way later it was settled with some negotiation. They gave us 1400 bucks instead of 2500 bucks for this reason. We had already paid Rs. 120 for petrol, Rs.300 for taxi and Rs.250 as enticement to the police. So were left with only Rs. 730 with us. And we had to gift that girl and that local friend of mine too within this amount. So we weren’t left with any money. But it was really cherishing !! We enjoyed it a lot !!

There are few more such funny instances that I won’t be writing, else those who are not a Sainchit will kill me for boring them on my blog !

Love you all Sainchits !!!
Love you a lot !!


Azad said...

I will be waiting for other such funny anecdotes!!!!

Bitanshu said...

haha............ashesh u hv produced a master piece....a masterpiece after a HEARTBREAK!!!!!hahaha
...i m thinking about challenging u to do same @ NIT backpost!!!
but who is Sanchit??

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ Azad

Won't be writing this on this blog. Will narrate you the story when we see.

@ Bitanshu

I will be the unluckiest person on this planet if u challenge me to do the same at NIT back post.

And yes, 'Sainchit' was used for the students of SAIN-ik school CHIT-torgarh

Hitesh Mishra said...

awesome man,dekh ke nhi lagta ki tumme itne guts hai.....

ravi said...

MINDBLOWING.....................waise bahut achhi bolg post kiya hai tumne. ise padte time mujhe apne school ke din yaad aa gaye..........i will waiting for ur next workkkkkkkkkkk.....................

आशीष अंकुर said...

carry on raghav...
you should write more about sainchit experiences...
the whole thing seemed like a FPS incident... truely.... :)

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ Hitesh

Ha ha , yar guts to ab bhi hain bas mauka chahiye dikhane ke liye.

@ Ravi

Mujhe bhi yaar wo din yaad gaye the. Tu wo documentry dekh lio !! jabardast hai yaar. you tube pe hai.

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ आशीष अंकुर

Sure buddy. But i wont be writing them on this blog. I don't think many of the Non-Sainchits love such incidents to be elaborated on this blog. I will narrate the stories to you. They were really funny.

Nikhil' said...

lambe tum aur tumhari kahaniyan hum to kafi se waqif the lekin ye dil ke kis kone main dabaye baithe the be....
khair lagta hai aab tum kuch din main ek ache ER.
bano ya na bano ache lekhak jarur ban gaye ho be...
nice real story kyunki ye gowarikar ki wts ur rashee ki tarah lambi to hai but utni boring nahi... :)

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ nikhil

mujhe laga ye tum logon ko bore kar degi. Anyway thanks for reaching the end of the story.

आशीष अंकुर said...

@ashish>@raghav> okk.. as you wish.. You may dedicate 1 blog specially to SAINCHITs... It is a nice idea I think... It is always very pleasing to remember your lovely school days... juss put on your pen and strt blogging abt SAINCHIT...

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ आशीष अंकुर

Thanks for suggesting.

But i don't think i will be writing on that for long and that too regularly. Maintaining two blogs simultaneously is a rigorous task. When on one blog only my posts come after a month. I wish to keep this blog a random collection of various instances.

विनीत गुप्ता said...

nice yaar!!
It reminds me my school days.
Every hostelers have their nice and funny experiences to share. But this was nice one. Only a hosteler can do this type of crazy things.

the last samurai said...

juss 1 word........awsum,,,,,,,,,,if u can continue a series , ,,,,,,i will grade it above the potter series,,,,,,,n one more thing,,even i was stunned by ur act dat day,,,

shivam said...

hiiiiiiiii yar srsly muze pta to chala tah ki aisa kuch hua hai par ye nai pta tah ke isme tu bhe hai....wonderful incdt yar

JAY said...

nice man.....
you really did it!!
i never new you were so adventurous....

aditya said...

FANTABULOUS....well our mutual frend (NUTAN) suggested me to read this......i really enjoyed readin it....:-)

Anubhav Gaurav said...

beta, it was daring,
but i just didnt get one thing,
in which part of india can u find Alsatians and poodles roaming and barking on the road at midnight hrs????

ganapati said...

Well nice post
keep going...
n congrats for winning the bet.... it must have been a very good experience

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ विनीत गुप्ता

yes, hostelers are totally a lot of crazy n driven guys ! One truly misses it if he misses hostel.

@ the last samurai

thnx buddy. I my self stunned that day. I couldn't believe myself.

@ shivam

ha ha
i was the protagonist bro !!

@ jay

Adventorous !!! yar it was killing !! I was almost out of my senses while doing it i suppose !

@ aditya

Thanks dude.

@ Anubhav Gaurav

It wasn't just daring, it was killing. I just escaped death. Wo raat ko us highway pe truck walon ke alawa sirf hamari scooty bhag rahi thi wo bhi char char bando ko bitha ke !!

@ ganapati

oh Thanks.

dhayal said...

hi there...
i'm the one among those who witnessed this all. i was in nobody's side. i didn't challenge nor i was challenged. but still the excitement was on the peak because whosoever wins...we will have our party. first it seemed impossible but there in that 273 acre campus EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. and these guys did it. whole of that night there was only one word u can hear in that dorm....HOW??
and these rascals didn't utter a single word.
well...ashesh ...i still praise u for that.
n don't hesitate to dig your memories from those grounds and do decorate em here !!!

Ashesh Raghav said...

@ Anubhav Gaurav

oh i forgot , i was confronted with these alsatian and poodles in the homes in the colony. I rang the call bells and they came out running at first every time.

@ Dhayal

yar i didn't reveal the secret to any body yet. In fact only we three knew about the secret behind this, till this blog was posted. In my slam book u can see written
I doubt my 1400 bucks will be on stake once this URL reaches them.

aditya ranjan said...

hostels are the place where real masti happens.
way to go

aniket said...

lambe yaaar tumme dum hai tumne proove kar diya........ bhaukal hai yaar......goood keep it up and narrate some more stories lyk these....

priyesh said...

I was d witness of every moment at dat night which never be forgeten by any BADALIAN in dere life ......................
great & a unexpected job done dere..........

keep going dude.............

e miss dat life.................


dat night also.................................

challnging life said...

hey one of frnd d same dng in colg also try fr it

the qualties u want 2 do frnd / love

Ankur said...

unbelievable were involved in this bet.......btw awesome challenge it shows how much u hav enjoyed at school.... it also shows how much u miss your school after spending 4 years at kota and rourkela......

Anonymous said...

Ashesh really awesome yaar.... was so much interesting that i can't stop myself of posting these true words.
three cheers for u dude..
probably i will find such funny and real incidents in future too.

gaurav said...

no other words...
well,do u remember u have already told me this incident...but still it is very funny.this is the
funniest post i have ever read.
gud luck..keep writing.

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