Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yo Baby, I'm an Engineer !

I've Linux in my system. I'm an engineer. I bet, you come, touch it and you will die out moron wondering where the fuck is the 'r e f  r e s h' command. You keep on pressing F5 and a 9GAGs demon would jump off the screen and scream -
Yo baby, I've a profile on Tweet Deck and that is the den from where all those #preceeding status updates pop. Yeah, I've that attitude, I don't allow even the space-bar to sneak in between them.
Mamta Bannerjee is married. #nobodygivesafuck
I puke at those yellow pages of the Economic Times but then I puke after Blenders Pride as well. ET may or may not take me to an MBA, But Blenders Pride did keep safe a B.Tech for me. Yo baby, I'll cherish it.

Baby, you know, I'm an engineer. I've that big bum that I can head a fortune 500 company.  But no, I'll climb up the ladder instead. No baby, I'm not high saying this. |Mind it|

They say, I have a big thermostat in my head that keeps me cool all the time. Baby, I'm equally aggressive yet eccentric that I can wipe off your complications like I puff a Gold Flake.
Yo baby, I forgot to mention, I'm an Engineer.
You break your mirror, you go to a general store.|| I break my mirror, I switch on my Web Cam.||
I guess, I just mentioned. Do I need to mention it again?

Oooh . . ! I hear you whispering , 'Engineers are lowly paid'. Come with a calculator (no, you don't need a scientific one to show off) and sum up my three. It will almost reach a couple of millions a year !
Yo baby, I'm a rich engineer at 21.

Rich as in ?

No I've lost all the moral values in these four years. I drink (honestly, I don't smoke). For me, a social reformer is dumb-ass. A person working to uplift the society is a retard. Helping a needy is an act of disgrace if not sin. And yeah, these do give me goosebumps, when I sit in retrospect.
Baby, I'm sorry | I'm an Engineer || Err . .  Yo baby, I'm an Engineer |


Shambhavi Singh said...

Yo baby!i like it!;)

Sukalyan Das said...

I am speaking more as a critic than a friend year. The fact that you are an engineer is also possibly the reason why you have lost your touch, not in terms of content,man. You can call me an Arm chair critic but you have delivered some magnificent presentations before which i couldn't find here. Don't take me otherwise, I like this one a lot, but you are better. :) LIVE ON.

Ashesh Raghav said...

Sukalyan, Your comment means a lot to me! I bow to your findings. I know, I've lost the touch and in fact, this post has come up after 15 months! May be you would find some better works in days to come. On an another note, Did u check my post - SCREAM ?

Sukalyan Das said...

you know I hv never been into this stuff.. so will  go there too. :) i skimmed though. found it unique. will read, undertsnd and comment again. :)

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